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Thirty Secrets

Can you keep a secret?

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The 30 Secrets Challenge.
30_secrets is a fanfiction & original fiction themed writing community. Similar to how other themed communities run, each story that is written for this community should contain a secret of some sort. This community welcomes slash, femslash, het and gen fiction of all ratings. Please review the rules & FAQ for more information as to what is allowed.

What exactly is a secret or what can be considered a secret? The dictionary defines the word secret as the following:

1) done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others: secret negotiations.
2) kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged: a secret password
3) faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed, reticent
4) designed or working to escape notice, knowledge or observation: a secret drawer
5) secluded, sheltered, or withdrawn: a secret hiding place

6) something that is or is kept secret, hidden or concealed
7) a mystery: the secret of nature
8) a reason or explaination not immediately or generally apparent
9) a method, formula, plan, etc known only to the initiated or the few: the secret of happiness; a trade secret

10) in secret, unknown to others, in private, secretly: A resistance movement was already being organized in secret.

Definition from Dictionary(dot)com.

With so many different definitions of the word secret, 30_secrets allows members to interpret the word secret in a variety of ways in combination with their chosen theme set.

FAQ: Still unsure about how this works? Or have some questions, the FAQs are the place to go.
Prompt Tables: Before placing your claim, check out which prompt table you'd like to use.
Claims: So you've decided on what prompt table you'd like to use, then it's time to make your claim.
Hall of Fame: Once you've completed your claim, this is the place to go so that you can get a banner to show off.

We do have a few rules to ensure that the community runs smoothly:
01. We accept slash, femslash, het, and gen fiction of all ratings and fandoms. However, we do not accept RPF/RPS.
02. When posting, please use a lj-cut. Fake-cuts to personal writing journals/fic communities are fine, as long as the journal/community is not friends locked/members only.
03. When posting, please use the following header or a similar variation. You must include a disclaimer.

04. Please ensure that you are using appropriate labels and ratings when posting. For example, if your fic contains graphic violence or sex, please include this in your header and ensure that your rating is suitable for your fic.
05. When posting, fics should include spoiler warnings as necessary.
06. You must write a minimum of 100 words for each prompt. There is no maximum word count.

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